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how to make your boyfriend miss you?

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When your boyfriend misses you, it shows that he cares about you and is feeling disconnected from you physically and emotionally. If you are in a long distance relationship or if you are often away from your partner, it can be even harder to maintain a connection. There are several things that you can do to make sure your boyfriend misses you when you are apart, such as improving your communication, surprising him, and finding ways to increase his feelings of attraction for you.

Using Positive Communication
1, Listen to your boyfriend. Being a good listener is essential to a healthy relationship, but it can also help to increase your boyfriend’s feelings of attraction for you. This can mean that he will crave your companionship and want to see you when you are not around. To be a good listener, you will need to:[1]
put away distractions such as your cell phone, laptop, or TV
maintain eye contact when he is talking
nod and make neutral statements such as “I see,” “uh-huh,” and “go on”
restate what he has just said now and then for clarity, such as “It sounds like you were really angry at him for borrowing your stuff without asking.”

2, Respond in a supportive way. Men are more attracted to women who are responsive to them.[2] If you are responsive when your boyfriend shares something with you, then he will be more likely to seek you out when he has other problems. To be responsive, listen to your boyfriend when he shares a problem or struggle with you and respond in a supportive way.
For example, if your boyfriend shares something about how a coworker took credit for something he did, then you might respond with something like, “That’s awful! He must feel threatened by your abilities.”
Do not disregard your boyfriend’s feelings or ignore him when he shares a problem with you.

3, Say his name. Saying your boyfriend’s name when you are with him can make him feel more attracted to you as well. Saying his name lets him know that you are thinking about him and that you don’t have anything or anyone else on your mind. This can help him to feel valued and that feeling can last even after he is not with you.[3]
Try saying your boyfriend’s name at unexpected times, such as in the middle of a story you are telling him or during a long hug.

4, Compliment him. Let your boyfriend know you still desire him and find him attractive by giving him praise and compliments. When you compliment your boyfriend, it lets him know that you find him attractive and this will intensify his feelings for you.[4]
Focus on complimenting a particular skill or activity that your boyfriend does well, like cooking your favorite dish or cleaning up around the house.
Try to compliment him as soon as he does something that you appreciate or find attractive.
Don’t worry if he only respond with a grunt or a smile. He will be drawn in by your compliment and develop an even deeper affection for you.

5, Arrange video chat dates. You can use technology to your advantage, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. Arrange video chat dates at least once per week. This will allow you and your boyfriend to see each other and talk face to face, even if it is through a phone or a computer.
Having a visual reference when he speaks to you will remind your boyfriend how much he misses you and give him images to return to when you are not around.

6, Send a romantic text. If the two of you are busy and have not spoken over the phone for a couple of days, a quick romantic text message can remind him of you and why he enjoys being with you so much.
Your text can be as simple as “I love you!,” “I miss you!,” or “Thinking of you right now!”
Sexting can be a risky move, and sending explicit picture of yourself via text message is a risk best left unexplored in many cases. If you want to be romantic and sexy at the same time, you could try sending a message that lets him know how much you miss him and hints at how much you want him. For instance, try something like, “Just thinking about our last night together...” or “Looking forward to our next night together...”

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