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how to look attractive to guys in middle school?

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Want to get a boyfriend in middle school? Are you crushing on someone but they don't get the hint? Here you can get the advice and tips you need to get your guy!

1, Smile! Your best weapon is your smile. The first thing your crush will see is your beautiful face and that even more beautiful smile. He'll be in to you in no time!

2, Have good hygiene! Guys like good smells. Even better, they love good smells and good looks. So if you're not brushing your teeth at all, then you are going to have stinky breath. And guys HATE stinky breath. Wear perfume and deodorant to keep your body odor from becoming noticeable.

3, Always dress for the best! Guys don't like girls who don't brush their hair and wear raggedy clothing. Honestly, wearing bad clothes actually lowers your self esteem- even if you feel good in the outfit.

4, Be confident! If you aren't confident, then you have no chance of winning this guy.

5, Flirt! Flirting is the key to your guy's locked heart. Again, smile, never wink, it's creepy. Most people think you're having a face spasm. Always look your guy in the eye. Hold the eye contact, make it last. Then cut it off when things start to get intimate. This will leave your crush wanting more. When he flirts with you, flirt back!

6, Compliment him! Guys love compliments. Humans love being praised for something they're either good at or have. When you tell a guy something he likes, it will boost his ego and make him like you more.

7, Always leave him wanting more. Pull away from him when your conversation gets good. Or else he'll get bored with you and move on.

8, Never tell friends you like the guy. You can never trust middle school girls. They will get the secret out somehow.

9, Stay calm. Let things play out the way they're supposed to!

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