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can you get a license in another state if you don't live there?

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Can i get my license in a state I don't live in?
I live in Texas but I'm from Indiana. I am going to Indiana to visit for a month and would like to get my license while I'm there bc public transit in Austin SUCKS. I still have an Indiana ID. I am 20 years old and I went to drivers ed when i was in high school but I lost all of my papers and my permit besides that was 4 years ago and I doubt it's still valid anyway. But coudl someone tell me if I can still get a license in Indiana even if I live in Texas. I can pretend I still live in IN haha.... also, what should I expect? Do I take a written test or a road test? Or both? Thanks for any help.
Update: There are 3 reasons why I need to get my license in IN.

1.) I don't own a vehicle because I don't have a license and I don't know anyone who will let me use there car to a. practice and b. use for the road test.

2.) It's cheaper in Indiana

3.) I am from a TINY town and it will be so much easier to take a road test there than in an urban area like Austin.

I have an IN id and I still get mail at my mother's house so would it be possible to use my ID and a piece of mail? Even if it's not "legal" is it still possible?

Also, Why?! I gotta ask, why can't I get my license in another state? Does anyone else find this law to be retarded? I realize there are reasons for certain laws but this one is kind of stupid

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asked Dec 16, 2016 in Cars and Transportation by smyadmin
edited Dec 28, 2016 by smyadmin

1 Answer

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You have to be a resident to get a DL in a state legally. And anyway, when you got back to Texas, you would have to change it to a Texas license within 30 days to be legal here.
answered Dec 16, 2016 by moscl

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