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Can you use BB cream and foundation together?

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Fed up of heavy foundations? Try a lightweight BB cream instead - learn how to apply BB cream in two simple steps with expert make-up tips from Estee Lauder

BB cream is one of the best multi-purpose beauty products on the market. Brimming with benefits, BB creams by their beautifying nature allow the skin to breathe offering a natural, lightweight coverage that won’t irritate the skin. From UV protection to skin hydration, it can be used as a moisturiser, primer, foundation and concealer, as well as fighting outbreaks of blemishes.

Unlike heavier, full-coverage foundations, BB creams leave a silky, sheer layer of cream tint on the skin. Wear it alone for a natural, fresh-faced finish or as a smooth and radiant base under foundation. So what's the best way to use it? We spoke to the beauty experts at Estée Lauder who gave us their advice on how to apply BB cream like a pro. In just two simple steps, and a couple of must-have make-up products, your skin will look enviably radiant with a gorgeous, natural glow.

Learn how to apply BB cream in two simple steps

1) Apply a little at a time
'Whether you’re wearing BB under foundation or on its own, the application technique should still be the same. Be careful how much you use, you can build it up if necessary but the last thing you want is for it to look caked. Start by squeezing a small amount onto your fingers and apply to the face in a gentle patting motion. This allows you to blend the cream into the skin for even coverage. Apply a thin layer and wait a few seconds for it to absorb into the skin, then add another layer if necessary.'

2) Coverage
'If you are using BB cream as a base then the next step is to apply foundation. This should be applied in the same way – but remember you already have some coverage from the cream so you won’t need much foundation at all. Finally, for a more lasting hold, you may choose to apply powder at the final stage. This will reduce the shiny effect of BB cream and fix it in place.'

Remember BB cream is just like a foundation so should still be removed before you go to bed to avoid clogging pores.

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