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Which Lenses Should I Buy For My Nikon D3200?

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I'm making a short film with my Nikon D3200 in January 2017. So far, I only have the stock lens (18mm-55mm VR).
My question is to basically ask what lenses should I buy to add quality to my film. The majority of the film will be shot outside with lots of wide shots of the surrounding landscape. There will also be filming in low light environments so I imagine I'll need another lens for this also.
Finally, lenses are expensive, especially the Nikon brand. Could you recommend any replica brands that won't be as expensive that would still do the job?
Feel free to ask me anything.
Update: I'll be shooting in 1080p. What frame rate would you recommend.

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asked Nov 17, 2016 in Consumer Electronics by smyadmin

1 Answer

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The lenses you need to shoot your video will depend upon what is called for in each scene of your script. The 18-55 mm may be all you need, but if you find you need more lenses, consider renting them for your project.
Here is a link that shows you what each focal length lens "sees". Using it may help you decide which lenses you need for your specific project
NOTE: What you seem to be asking is how to find third party lenses like Tokina, Tamron, Sigma and others. Amazon.com has many different options, once you decide which focal length lens(es) you need
The lens you need for shooting landscapes is either a 10-24 mm or 12-24 mm. And yes, those focal lengths in Nikkor lenses cost just under $1,000
Tokina makes a fine 12-24 mm lens which cost about half that
answered Nov 17, 2016 by moscl
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