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It Has Been Over 2 Hours And Ebayer Still Hasn't Paid For Item, Can I Cancel His Order?

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I'm tired of people not paying immediately.. I messaged him twice with no response. It's been well over 2 hours and eBay says to wait 48 hours but that is way to long. Other people want this item as well and I need the money. Can I cancel this order now since he hasn't paid within the window I told him to?
Update: It wasn't an auctioned item, he clicked the buy now option then ignored paying. I offered him a best offer option and he accepted it. Then didn't pay.. How annoying is that. I took 40 dollars off the product for him and he selfishly said its mine but refused to pay for it afterwards.. I would've probably sold it full price by now
Update 2: If it was an auction I wouldn't sweat this at all because he very well may be busy. However you must understand if you get anything out of this that when you accept an offer it takes you right to checkout (the payment option). So we know he deliberately exited out of that page. I emailed him politely asking that if he can't pay the item or needs some time to then he can let me know so we can work things out. I also sent him an invoice. No reply, and now it's been over 11 hours.

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asked Nov 17, 2016 in Computers and Internet by smyadmin

1 Answer

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You can't even open an unpaid item dispute yet.....
If you didn't directly state in your listing when you expect to get paid or use the immediate payment required option then they have several days before you can relist it. List it now and someone buys it later tonight and then they end up paying tomorrow and they will report you as a non preforming seller to eBay. Your seller ranking goes down and you may find it difficult to sell anything at all in the future.
answered Nov 17, 2016 by moscl

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