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how to tell your boyfriend you might be pregnant?

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Any advice? The chances of my being pregnant are great. Should I wait till I take a test and know or what? I mean i feel like he needs to know, but i also feel like it would freak him out and i don't want to make things weird. But i also feel like i need his support in the waiting.
Update: but i also feel, if I'm worrying he should be to. I mean it would be his baby too if i am. He has all the things to worry about that I do too. Yet I don't want things to be odd. Tell or no tell?

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asked Nov 7, 2016 in Pregnancy and Parenting by smyadmin

1 Answer

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Wait until you take the test otherwise you'll be causing a big commotion for nothing. If it's positive, then sit him down and talk to him about what you want to do with the pregnancy. You shouldn't get him all worried for nothing though, so definitely wait until you know for sure before jumping to conclusions.

Also, why wait? Take the test ASAP.
answered Nov 7, 2016 by moscl

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