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My mom got mad at me for buying something that would've been very helpful?

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In our front yard we have flower beds that we replace with flowers when the seasons change. So my parents used to have a landscape company put flowers in the beds but they wanted to raise the prices and my parents got all fed up so my Dad suggested that we buy some flowers from Home Depot and plant ourselves. I liked that idea and I offered to help plant. So we planted last June. So here comes colder weather and I was like well its time to replant. My dad didn't bother to plant this time ("too much work") so I ended up doing the ENTIRE thing. And the beds seem so much bigger when my little 5'2 100 lb frame does it on my own. But in the end I felt a great deal of ownership & I was proud of them and I watered them everyday and everything was good. But then the deer came and they ate like everything and ravaged things apart and pulled things out of the ground. I was boiling angry and agitated. So my family uses amazon a lot to buy things so my moms credit card automatically goes in. Long story short, I decided to buy some deer repellent. Not because I was just so angry and it was a spur of the moment, but because I wanted the flowers to look good! It was pretty cheap, had great reviews, and it seemed perfect to me. I honest to god thought I made a good move here. But my mom was not happy. She was so mad that I used her credit card even tho it is already in there. I didn't think it was a bad move, honest. What should I do?

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asked Nov 6, 2016 in Home and Garden by smyadmin

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