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I got mad at my wife because she didn't want to have sex. Did I overreact.?

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Firstly we have been married for just over an year so we are still in that honeymoon phase, so to speak. So we used to do it almost daily, and hence it was very odd for me when I was turned down fourth time in a row this week. She had been having a very busy week at work and used to come back a little late, so she said no to sex. I helped her a lot with the chores, even made dinner once but all she gave me was a thank you kiss. I cuddled with her and was trying to get her in the mood and she was like not tonight baby, this was the fourth time. I just couldn't take it so I screamed at her for a while , may have used a few cuss words too. She teared up at my reaction, so I stopped. I said sorry the next morning but she was upset and now thinks of me as a selfish and sex obsessed husband.

I was ignored by her for almost the entire week. It was the first time for me in an year of being married to go without it. I felt unloved, hence the anger. Was this an overreaction. Anyways tell me how to make up for this

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asked Nov 1, 2016 in Family and Relationships by smyadmin
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