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how to raise your gpa fast in high school?

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Okay, so I know that usually, things like this need quite some time. But i'm in 9th grade and have about a 2.6 gpa. I used to be a perfectly straight A student, but the transition for me is different and new. I'm not adjusting well.. here are my grades:

ADV. Algebra: B
Honors English: C
Concert Band: F :(((
Disco Science: C
French 1: A
Advanced Health: B

I have ALREADY started on my two C's in Science and in Honors english. As for science, I do believe that it is a huge mistake. I have gotten all my assignments back with literally all of them being totally correct. Every single week, I get all of my daily journals 10/10 (he corrects in front of us) and I have only turned in ONE late assignment in the whole month i've been in school.

As for the C in english, I have turned in my vocabulary paragraph today (before it was due), caught up on my reading for The Count of Monte Cristo, have taken ALL my notes for submission on friday, and i'm doing all of the classwork.

As for band, I am turning in my practice cards, BUT my mom has refused to sign this week's, so im turning it in late. But I recently had a playing test, practiced like my conducter said too, and I believed STRONGLY I had it down. But once i walked into that practice room with a recorder, my body literally panicked so badly. I could only complete 1/5 scales, and at that point, i was so discouraged I didn't even attempt my chromatic scale. In class, I can hardly ever participate due to the fact that I have 9 percussionists and only the first 6 chairs get to play.

I need a 3.0 GPA by next week in order to apply for judicial board. Like I said, I KNOW these things take time, but i just really need advice and encouragement. Thank you so much.

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asked Nov 1, 2016 in Education and Reference by smyadmin

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