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Do you think outstanding students are a little selfish by applying to all the good schools and taking most (if not all) the spots?

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It's for debate, not being salty.

When they take the spot, many others get the reject letters. But many of the accepted ones don't even go to their school

But I've been going through some conversations in the media, one of which involved high school students saying that got into all these ivy league and other fantastic schools, but kinda sad that didn't get to one (even if they didn't want to go there).

They get accepted to like more than 5/6/7 schools each including Harvard, Yale, Standford, Princeton, MIT, CalTech, etc. And they only go to one.

Not only the Ivy Leagues, but almost every college.

I was discussing this with my friend and she said that she would like to apply to all of those just to see if she can get accepted into it so that got me thinking.

When i thought about it, this can be perceived in many ways. For example, perhaps
- they just didn't have enough confidence and wanted to have backups
- they want to show off to others once they get accepted
- they simply want to see their current level right now
- they were just experimenting
And other reasons i forgot since it was awhile ago
Update: If I were to apply, it's for back up. I don't really have to worry about this since i am currently a freshman still. However, it's not too late to research i guess?
Update 2: Well yeah, but in the beginning. I mean even a waitlist feels somewhat bad for me, even if rejection is worse and means the end of it. If i had other schools i got accepted into, and the one i wanted to get into first waitlisted me, then i would probably go to the ones who accepted me. But then later when you get accepted, it's gonna be a huge hassle to transfer all these stuff.
Update 3: It is my fault as i did not explain my question more, but i do know the wait list system. Sorry, my mistake for explaining terribly. It's sort of a "habit" of mine..

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asked Oct 30, 2016 in Education and Reference by smyadmin
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