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Why can t Apple change my phone color when I go in for a battery replacement?

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Update: My iPhone 6 is approx 2 years old now, but to save money, I'm not going to update for probably a year. Battery is dying when it gets below 60% & turns off randomly. I have an appointment to get the battery replaced. On my screen, there is a white dot the shows up on lighter screens, is it a dead pixel or a stuck pixel? Can the Genius Bar can fix it, or do they replace the phone or send it out for fixing? I know Apple won't allow customers to change phone colors during replacements, but why?
Update 2: PS, I know that getting the battery replaced, doesn't need an actual phone replacement, I've had my battery replaced on my iPhone 5 replaced quite a few years ago.... :)
But with a few other problems on my iPhone 6 (aka dead or stuck pixel that drives me crazy,) if the situation were to arise, HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING, would it have been a possibility I could do a colour change if my the apple store didn't carry too many iPhone 6 's anymore?

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asked Oct 30, 2016 in Consumer Electronics by smyadmin

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