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Really need advice on my landlord that is giving me 2 weeks to move! help!?

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i have lived here for a year ( my lease is up Nov 1st of this year)when i moved in she told me she wanted rent paid by checking acct where she could automatically withdraw it every month. i told her i didnt have an account but would try to get one. i have paid my whole lease with a money order. nothing said at all. last week in the mail i got a new lease to resign for another year. thank goodness i didnt sign it! because 3 days later i get served with paperwork to vacate the property by october 31st. i talked to her and she said it was because i never gave her a checking acct for her to withdraw. now i am being evicted and have to go to court next week AFTER she sent me a new lease. and now going to have an eviction over 2 weeks instead of her of just not renewing it to begin with. my brother she had served the same day because he was paying with a money order. she didnt even let him finish half his lease. she picks who she lets do what like having pets vs. you cannot have pets etc. my question is, is this legal? and what can i do? an eviction over something so petty with only 2 weeks of a lease left is ridiculous.

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asked Oct 20, 2016 in Business and Finance by smyadmin
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