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My husband and his friend beat me up and I'm 9 months pregnant. What do I do?

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My husband came in drunk last night , and he decided to bring his homeless friend with him. Now we are renting a room so I was shocked to see that he would bring his friend to spend the night. Even though I shouldn't be shocked because every where we move, he brings his friends to live with us, whether we are renting an apartment or a room. I cursed him out and told him he was messing up where me and my unborn child have to live just to make someone else comfortable. He got mad and hit me in the face with a phone charger and slung me to the ground. I then told him I would tell his friend off myself and when I walked up to his friend , his friend slapped me and knocked me down. My husband said let's go and they left. We have 4 kids together, married for 6 years. My kids stay with my mother until I find an apartment . What should I do? I don't want to lock him up because he's on parole and he will go to jail and lose his job.
asked Oct 20, 2016 in Travel by smyadmin
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