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Is the only way to end abortion once and for all is to kill all the people who support it and think it's ok ?

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I want to save all those babies and get revenge for them all but I can't think of any another way People won't listen to words but they will Listen to you do as you say when a gun is pointed to their head and when a gun is pointed at their families and friends loved ones heads they will obey Do I have to take over this country through violence and force and enforce this start WW3 be next hitler take over the world and do the same in every country Do I have to kill every single liberal SJW and feminist in the world destroy all traces of liberal belief ideology As well as all the people who support it fake Christians conservatives too ? How long would that even take to find and kill them all Sacrafices need to be made for the greater good Fight evil with evil
asked Oct 20, 2016 in Society and Culture by smyadmin
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