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Has feminism destroyed society?

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Before feminism men and women had different and defined roles in life.
Women looked after the house and children and men earned the money, all bases covered.
Since feminism, women are working and have no time to look after their children or house, they are naggy and superior and believe they can speak to men in equal terms. This creates divorces and broken homes. It creates children who are not raised correctly. It creates a lack of respect and all this feeds out into society.
Look at Japan, hugely successful and women know their place, same in China and India. Even Russia isn't having much of feminism.
Has feminism created an unnatural order that has led to the disintegration of society?

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asked Oct 19, 2016 in Social Science by smyadmin

1 Answer

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it's trying too. the problem with american women is they shamelessly despise men because of what we built.

If you work around them in an office building. Bumping into them by accident can be spun out to have you removed, If you talk about something they don't like. they will complain to management and have you written up.

Marriage has turned into a laugher. She thinks he should support the home. provide the cars. his friends should be hers. And what is her responsibility to the marriage? Nothing. She's just a passenger who when she gets tired of the ride that she wanted to have in the first place she gets off taking half his income as if she can't get a job and make her own money. Their pathetic and untrustworthy. They are worse than a bum.Cause they don't stand for **** and they don;t invent ****.

I see women around not even putting in the effort to raise the economy now that they are holding most positions cause men won;t work with them or they had most of them removed. What they are doing in there together is infighting and not participating to add to the collective legacy of the nation. They are just spinning their wheels and complain. always pissed off and mad no matter how much rope men give them hoping it will crack some brilliant genius we were all promised.

here is what i suggest. Men need to get tougher, Demand prenups or don't even marry them. Let them work and be single and learn the value of an honest buck instead of mooching off men like this is 1940. The issue is men don't attack their bs belief system. most men ignore them. that is why they behave this way cause they certainly won't look in the mirror. They will cry if you tell them they are spoiled rotten. and itr's the truth.

and their whole excuse to attack constructive criticism with the "he's sexist" garbage is what they all do when they don't want to look at themselves. so anything that doesn't show them to be divine is called sexist.
answered Oct 19, 2016 by moscl

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