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why men get angry when confronted?

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I confronted my fiance last night about cheating on me because I got a message from one of his friends showing me what my fiance had said.
When I confronted him he blew up yelling and got really angry with me.
He kept blaming me that I should have enough faith in him that he wouldn't cheat on me.
But the thing is the message I was sent was a screen shot from Facebook of messages my fiance had sent to his friend.
At the time he was away from home for the week for work. One line of the message was 'Nuh it's all good, away from the Mrs so I can play up' the Nuh it's all good refers to his friend saying much suck being away from the family (our son and I)

He made me feel guilty for even asking about it. Now I'm in the crap with him and treading on egg shells so to speak.

I have never had reason to doubt him in the past. I know I would be angry too if he asked me, but he never even wanted to see the evidence or speak to me about it. I even told him all I want was an honest answer.

We're getting married and March and I have told him I need to know the truth before I marry him. But he said the truth was he didn't want to speak about it anymore.

Is angry the first sign of a guilty conscience?
Update: I never thought he was a cheater because I take him to work and pick him up everyday. We only have 1 car.
When I drop him off there is always other workers there so I know he's not skipping work.
When I pick him up it's the same.

Saturdays we go as a family to watch him play rugby and we leave as a family. He doesn't go out drinking after it or anything.
Sundays are family days so the three of us are together.

He doesn't say 'I just have to go to the shop' and not come back for an hour or two he comes home within 10-20 mins.
Because we live away from our family and 'old' friends. We only really know friends in our street so when he says he's going down the street to see someone I know that there are 100 eyes on him because everyone here loves to gossip and know everyone else's business. They are also the type of people if there is something going on they need to tell you to make you feel like crap so they feel better about themselves. I know not the best street but we had no idea bef

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asked Oct 19, 2016 in Social Science by smyadmin

1 Answer

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I could be wrong, but I would think a not guilty person would like to see these messages and want to sit down and discuss your fear and reassure you that everything is okay and that it would never happen. Why is he avoiding you? Why is he SO angry?? You shouldn;t have to walk on eggshells....it's as if he's shifting his guilt towards you. If he can't sit down and discuss this with his FIANCE.....what other important things would he avoid once you're married? You might want to open your eyes and watch for other signs. He might not be guilty....he may not have cheated, but there seems to be something he's not telling you.
answered Oct 19, 2016 by moscl

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