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Does any one see auras in shades rather then colors?

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Instead of seeing blues greens or whatever I see shades of grey. Does any one else experience this? I ve seen auras sense I was very young but always in shades never in colors. Just curious if any one else does too or have any tips to see the colors if it s possible. Im just trying to figure it all out. I ve googled this many times but get no where. I know it has meaning for blacks, whites, and grays, but I see them all the time in every one, so every one can t be "depressed" "spiritual " ect. I see shades and over time have placed meaning with the shades. Kind of had to figure it all out myself. So now I just want to know if there is anyone like that or my mind is just weird, scrambled, whatever. ..
asked Oct 19, 2016 in Science and Mathematics by smyadmin
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