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how to convince your parents to get you a phone in middle school?

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I am in middle school, almost into high school. I am (literally) the only one in the grade that does not have one!!! Even my strange friend has one and enjoys bragging about it (which annoys me). I would like to know how to get my parents to buy me a cell phone. They still are unconvinced that I need one.
What is missing from this list I made them???????
1.    Emergencies
2.    To talk to my friends so you wouldn’t have to listen to the phone ring all of the time. Talking to them shall be brief and not for hours on end.
3.    Most 13 year olds have one (I feel left out every time someone asks or gets out their own- not that I would whip out mine every time I see someone else’s).
4.    To alert you if there is an unexpected meeting after school, or if I miss the bus.
5.    Giving me a responsibility and trusting me with it teaches me a lesson.
6.    When a family member forgets theirs they can borrow mine.
7.    It may not cost too much (depending on the phone). who should be paying for it is up to you.
8.    Gives me a new electronic equipment to use and makes me feel trusted and happy.
9.    To fit in the 21st century (be used to and familiar with the new technology).
10.    I get good enough grades to earn this privilege.
11.    I never loose or break anything like I don’t care.
12.    When I get something to use, I use it enough for it to be worthwhile.
13.    (Follows 12) If it is important to not use it all the time, I follow instructions well.
14.    Old enough to know how to respect it and how to learn to use it without having to keep bugging you.
15.    My top priority is to never abuse my privileges.
16.    If needed to buy accessories (aka phone protector case), the money should come from my personal cash stash.
17.    I know how you think everyone is always plastered to a phone everywhere. I don’t have to have it everywhere if you don’t want me to.
18.    The phone shall never enter a class room under any circumstances if I have an opportunity to bring it to school, or if a teacher knows about it.
19.    My locker would house the phone.
20.    I shall keep adding to this list if I cannot answer a question and you know that I will not give up.
21.    I shall not download any stuff (ringtones etc…) unless if there should be help or permission.
22.    Leaving the phone randomly anywhere would be irresponsible. I know to give it a proper home.
23.    Checking where it was is to be updated all of the time.
24.    Do I really ask to have a whole bunch of stuff all of the time?
25.    Some phones have features that benefit the useage.
26.    Some phones allow you to take pictures.
27.    Some phones allow you to go on the internet.
28.    Some phones allow you to play games/ apps (not that it would replace my other game systems).
29.    I promise not to brag about it or keep repeating that it was such a great thing to get me and how it proves useful to you.
30.    I am tired of begging and keep getting turned down over and over again so I am handing you this list.

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asked Oct 18, 2016 in Family and Relationships by smyadmin

1 Answer

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My suggestion is not to beg your parents for one. Prove to them that you can be responsible with your things & that you can be on top of things. Also try to keep your wants out of most topics. When it comes your birthday, you can suggest one, but don't ask for a lot of stuff if you want a phone as well. I got a laptop when I just asked for it and proved to my parents that I could be a role model and get good grades. I do agree that your list is very convincing, but good things will come to those who wait. =)
answered May 13, 2017 by Renn Beenz

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