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Can I prevent my neighbors from putting up a fence?

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I have an odd property line where my back yard is approx 8 feet from my house. My property backs up to the side boundary of my neighbors yard. I also have a small shed and a concrete patio which are only 2 feet from the line. Can my neighbors really put a fence that close to my house? Is there anything I can do to prevent them from doing this? I think we will struggle to sell our home with a fence so close.

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asked Oct 17, 2016 in Home and Garden by smyadmin

5 Answers

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As long as zoning allows a fence, they can put it up on their property. I had neighbors that lived lower than my back yard and I had a garden across the back of my property. I would sprinkle when needed and they got mad that their windows got sprayed a bit and got some spots...so I put slats through my chain link fence to stop the spray and then they were unhappy because I cut the light off to their house. Geez....at least I finally got some privacy. They could sit in the living room and see everything that was going on in my yard.
answered Feb 7, 2017 by moscl
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There are usually regulations for how close a structure can be to a fence, but at 8 feet, its way more than enough clearance. If the fence is built on their property, there isn't much you can do.
answered Feb 7, 2017 by Towanda
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I'm guessing it would be 100% legal for the neighbors to fence their yard as long as it's along the property line. if your property is small, it's not the fault of the neighbors, besides what if they want a pet, then they would certainly need a fence for that.
...personally, i like fences because i like my own privacy. if you have a small yard, don't go against it, instead embrace it.. grow a beautiful vine up your neighbor's new fence (you have every right to do so as long as it's on your side), pot some beautiful flowers and herbs of different sizes and colors, get a little fire pit and place a couple of nice comfy chairs around it. you'll have your own little backyard retreat. here's a photo of one idea http://homeemoney.com/backyard-retreat-ideas/backyard-retreat-ideas-photo-3/
answered Feb 7, 2017 by n0Rmal iZ rElatiVe
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Check with your local building department what are the regulations for fences, it can vary. some places you can put them right at the property line, some you need to be a few feet on your own side. Do you have a survey showing exactly where the property line is? In most cases if it is on their property they can pretty much do what they want.
answered Feb 7, 2017 by MrsMackBee
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depends on what your city code is go down to city hall and ask them. as some people require permission from neighbors to put a fense up. period. however not all places do this.
however if it's their property they should be able to do what they want.
because i have neighbors too. and i also have a mean dog that will eat you. and i'm not going to put my dog down becuase someone can't make a profit on their home. that they bought knowing how close the property line is.

i think if they move forward with it you could talk to them and get a fense that you like too. so you can use it to your advantage.
answered Feb 7, 2017 by VULDAM

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