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What is boots opticians glasses warranty?

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What is boots opticians glasses warranty?
asked Oct 12, 2016 in Local Businesses by smyadmin

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to be upset that I can't cancel an order for glasses two hours after I made it?
Had an eye test at Boots Opticians and got a real hard sell on some frames. I don't normally buy expensive things on the spot, but, foolishly, I felt guilty - the sales assistant had followed me round and looked really crestfallen when I said I wanted to go away and think about it.

They were £200.

I came home and I can get the same frames with the same lenses for £76 and a 100 day no quibble money back guarantee.

I rang and tried to change the order but was told it was too late - 2 hours after I had paid for them - because the order was already with the supplier. Customer services said the same thing.

I'm really upset, I know I shouldn't have let myself be pressured and should have followed my instinct and taken a bit more time to think and find out if I was getting a good deal.

I'm posting this to warn anyone else.
answered Feb 17, 2017 by Shapechanger
Can you return them when they get delivered?

If you can't then I'd be kicking up a bit of a fuss. You felt pressured into buying them, 2 hours later they should be able to cancel the order.
I don't think I can get a refund when I get them except under the SGA - ie if they are fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality then they are under no obligation.

It's no wonder everyone buys online and the High St is going out of business - much better terms and conditions.

I'd feel a bit differently if it were an independent, small business, but it's Boots!

I'll think about it every time I put them on
Did you not ask them if you can return them? Unless they are being made to measure then there is no reason why not.

I think you need to get back on the phone and find out what the situation is, it sounds like you are being fobbed off.
Can't find any terms and conditions. Only on the Boots website for ones bought online (where you get a cooling off period like with all internet purchases).

I feel that they ought to have warned me that once sent the order couldn't be cancelled or amended at all. If they had I wouldn't have ordered them on the spot.

If I'd left it even a day or two I'd think it might be unreasonable to try to cancel but only two hours later... it's horrendous.
You must have signed something when you ordered them. Otherwise they have nothing to prove you did.
I didn't sign anything.

I rang the store and the manager said the order had already been sent but he would ring the supplier and see if they had started making them up (otherwise 'nothing he could do'). He said because it was all computerised it was with the supplier very quickly and usually there was only half an hour to an hour to cancel.

I rang Customer Services in the meantime, explained the situation and was put through to someone more senior. She said she would ring the branch and supplier. She said she would 'get it sorted'.

The manager rang me and said that the glasses were already being made so the order couldn't be cancelled.

Then the Customer Services woman rang me back and I got the same answer - she rang the suppliers had already started making them, she had rung the manager of the store as well. That my only hope was that the manager could 'do something for me' when I went to collect them.

I asked what he might be able to do and she couldn't say.
I go to boots for my eye tests and just say "Sorry I don't have time to choose new frames!" and get the chance to leave.
Very wise Groovee.

I just phoned and asked to speak to the manager again. He said the best he could do was offer me 10% discount.

I asked why he couldn't just refund me for the frames as they can be sold to someone else. Long silence.

Then he went into a spiel about how the suppliers work on the orders as soon as they receive them blah blah.

He said he will look into whether they can refund the frames (as they have 'never done this before') and will call me back in 15-20 minutes.

I might just take the 10% discount, it's a bit less painful after all.

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