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How to cancel eyebuydirect orders?

0 votes

How to cancel eyebuydirect orders?

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asked Oct 13, 2016 in Local Businesses by smyadmin

2 Answers

0 votes
I'm trying to cancel an order and no one will respond to me. The customer service is really lacking so far and this is not a good welcome to your service. Please respond ASAP.
answered Feb 3, 2017 by moscl
0 votes
I recently purchased a pair of glasses from EBD and ended up deciding that I wanted to cancel my order a day after ordering after reading all of the negative reviews. I'm happy I did. When I tried to cancel, I initially sent an email and I was then told "What we can offer you, instead of cancelling the order, we refund you the shipping fee amounting to $5.95. I have submitted a request to refund the charge amounting to $5.95. Please be advised that it will take within 3-5 banking days to credit the money back to your account." They didn't want to cancel my order and give me a refund!! I had to tell them MULTIPLE times that I was not interested in just getting my shipping for free. I wanted a full refund. After going back and forth with different people each time, I finally just called and spoke with someone who didn't give me such a hard time with canceling. STAY AWAY.
answered Apr 18, 2017 by pris j.

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