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If my dad has a Poker problem; is it okay for me to steal money from him?

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My dad plays poker A LOT. 3 to 5 times a week for HOURS.

He smokes. Even though we've asked him not to he smokes in his room. So when he's at work we open his window so his room can be aired out rather than make the house smell.

I did this today and I saw on top of his poker bag two money bags with £20 notes in it. I take out the money to count it because just looking at it was worrying.

I counted £290 - for poker. I couldn't let him waste all that money on poker, yet he'd notice if I took it all.

So I took the fivers which meant I only took £10.

£10 out of £290 isn't a lot.

He would have wasted the money on Poker and probably make a loss rather than a profit.

Whereas I will ethier put it in my bank account and let interest do its job or put it my purse and use it for lunch money - which will last me 3 - 5 weekdays.

Am I in the wrong?

I honestly don't think I am. I'm just bored and curious of your opinion.
Update: I haven't told my mum. I took another £15 - meaning I have £25 in total, if he asks I'm NOT blaming my mother. If he does ask he'll have to explain where he got it - probably his and my mum's shared bank account which would explain their overdraft being so much - and that will automatically put him in the wrong, whatever his story is - his wages are paid straight into his and my mum's shared account.
Update 2: I have put the money in a plastic box which can't be got into unless I get a can-opener and tear it open. And all the can-openers in my house are a load of s-h-i-t.

When it's full - like only-just-managing-to-get-more-money-in full - I'll tear it open, buy a new box identical to the old one and put the rest in my bank account.
asked Oct 10, 2016 in Games and Recreation by smyadmin
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