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What other OS exist besides windows?

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I heard microsoft wanted to ruin PC gaming by trying to ruin steam and make their windows store on windows 10 more relevant and get more people to use it within the next 5 years. And I really have no intentions on using a microsoft account since their email services is confusing and it's not relevant to me. But do you have any other OS suggestions I'm not very sure if I want windows 10 now.
Update: That link doesn't help at all.
Update 2: I ment like another OS software to replace windows 10 since I'm not 2 keen on microsofts plan for windows as a service now.
Update 3: I guess but I still really have no intentions on using microsofts email services I just don't like their email services I rather use yahoo or gmail then microsofts outlook email service.
Update 4: Technically on windows 10 you can't disable updates they force it on the windows 10 home users.
Update 5: No thanks I don't need a microsoft email unless my future boss requests us to make one but I really would perfer not to use a microsoft email I rather goto any other company besides microsoft.
Update 6: I never said OS had anything to do with email services Dave but everyone seems to be pushing their email services onto their OS like microsoft and google and android and apple and their software. But I still don't like microsofts email I just don't perfer it.
asked Jul 27, 2016 in Computers and Internet by smyadmin

1 Answer

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You can go for Mac or different variant of linux,
Start with other OS from beginning is a good choice, But if you are using windows then you may face adaptation problem.

Its like you are left-handed trying to use right hand vice versa.

Still you may not find some good application for other OS that are available for windows.
but you could find most of them works pretty well.

If you ask me, who care about Microsoft if they make/change there OS, You could use a local account(without Email) or disable their Updates & security features ( must install another antivirus).
That is upto you to decide, Still just create an Email account with Microsoft so that you could access most of there features and apps.

Hope it helps
answered Jul 27, 2016 by moscl

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