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Transitioning from a "flexitarian" to vegetarian: how to deal with reactions, opposition, etc. from a lifetime carnivore?

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Recently I have been gradually limiting my meat intake to the point that I could safely be called a "flexitarian" or non-red meat eater +seafood eater right now. The only thing I'll eat as of right now is chicken. There isn't really a label for this, but that's where I'm at.

I wasn't ever intending to go full vegetarian but now the idea doesn't seem so far fetched. And I see so many benefits: health, moral/ethical, environmental and even financial.

The problem is... my partner is a HUGE fan of red meat and culturally meat is huge in his family. He'll eat chicken with me, but I fear he'll get sick of it and this will become a legitimate point of tension no matter how much I explain my reasoning. For example, the other day I didn't eat some meat he made and took it personally - even though I made it clear it had nothing to do with his cooking.

How have others "come out" to those close to them about this sort of thing? How did you deal with opposition? I just want people to be open to the change but it's being met with resistance sometimes
Update: My own family is more supportive of this, but certain people still have subtle reactions of judgement. The bigger concern is my partner's family as many of his family members are also big red meat eaters: especially the men. Because it's supposedly "macho"?
Update 2: Edit: Was this really not an issue for everyone else?

I remember when we first started dating (when I ate almost any meat) he had said "I could never date a vegetarian". And now I'm recalling he said that a long time ago/wondering if he means it
asked Oct 9, 2016 in Food and Drink by smyadmin

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