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Do you think I am an alcoholic?

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I work, I have a healthy social life, I have money, everything is fine.

But I like to drink. I like to come home from work and relax with a few drinks.

Yes I often get totally drunk and pass out. I often have awful hangovers and have to go to work sick as a dog -- but I always make it through. I have never missed work. And even if I'm hungover I am very productive.

Everyone around me has been saying I drink too much. My parents have told me I should go to rehab, my friends have mentioned my "alcoholism".

I know I can live without booze if I force myself. I make the choice to drink but I am capable to not drink.

I have developed a really raspy voice from vomiting so much so that's why I'm becoming concerned.
asked Oct 9, 2016 in Food and Drink by smyadmin

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