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My dad is getting married however I ve only met his feyonce twice and on one of those occasions she was rude to me, what do I do ?

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So this past year my dad has had three different relationships that I know of, I m almost 17 and Its quite draining having to meet each one as they do not stay very long. It so happens that on his third relation ship ( which I have only met twice) they are now engaged only after knowing each other six months. it s quite upsetting as I get the vibe that she is trying to compete and sort of steal my dad as now I hardly see him since he s been with her. It s also upsetting becasue my mum and dad were married and it is quite emotional for myself and my brother to see him re-marry ( my brother is only 14) its took a toll on me and I m not sure wether to go to his wedding ( in 2 weeks time) as I will find it extremely difficult, i am his only daughter and haven t been asked to be a bridesmaid however if I were even asked I most probably wouldn t but it s just the principe of it. Any help would be really really appreciated , thank you :)
asked Oct 8, 2016 in Family and Relationships by smyadmin
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