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Is dating for fun or to find someone to marry?

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My parents have brought me up to think that the only purpose to dating is to find someone to marry. I learned in Sociology that dating has nothing to do with marriage, but everything to do with the revolution from courtship. I'm so confused now. Everyone I talk to in my church believes the same way my parents do, but in high school they teach something totally different. They teach that dating is going out and having fun with someone you are romantically interested in. Marriage isn't even part of the equation of dating. That is what they call courtship. They call courtship old fashioned and they say "there's no need for that hogwash in society today." My parents say courtship and dating are the same thing. I'm confused. What is the REAL purpose of dating?
Update: You would find someone to marry by courting them. My teacher said that courtship and dating are two totally different concepts.
asked Oct 8, 2016 in Family and Relationships by smyadmin

1 Answer

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Dating is for fun.
Courtship is to find someone to marry.

Your teacher is correct, courtship and dating are two totally different concepts. The older generation doesn't see it like that, because they never had dating back in their day. It was always courtship. So they automatically assume dating and courtship are the same thing. You know what they say about assuming? "Assuming makes an a** out of u and me."
answered Oct 8, 2016 by moscl
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