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Won't Global warming fix itself? To many humans and little resources = huge wars where most humans die?

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Won't Global warming fix itself? To many humans and little resources = huge wars where most humans die?
asked Oct 7, 2016 in Environment by smyadmin

1 Answer

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Too many humans and too little resources is the lie that has been told by alarmunists for a VERY long time.

The UN has stated that we will hit maximum population prior to 2100. They have tended to overestimate the population growth.

The crop production continues to grow faster than population growth. Indeed, the US is wasting 4.9 billion bushels of corn a year because of the ethanol mandate. The ethanol mandate, while increasing the cost of crops and increasing the cost of fuel, actually has NO effect on reducing CO2 emissions.

They are predicting that we will not have enough food by 2050, but you really have to look at why.

While they say that the population will increase by less than 30%, they need to crop production to increase by ..... get this..... 100%. Why? They say the reason is changes in diet and ethanol production. This si almost funny to me. They are actually saying we are going to increase our ethanol production, evidently because we are stupid and would rather DIE than not use a more expensive and completely inefficient method of fueling our cars??? Can you get more absurd???

And the change in diet? That is occurring because it CAN occur. We are NOT going to starve ourselves for a week to eat a little bit of bacon or beef. If we were truly having a problem we would go back to eating less meat. DUHHH.

Nothing the alarmunists say makes sense when given facts. Crops are not being decimated. The world is not ending. While there may be huge wars that kill most humans, it will NOT be caused by global warming.

BTW, if you want to more quickly stop the increase in population, then the best method is by granting women rights and access to birth control around the world. War-torn regions tend to have more kids, not less, oddly enough.
answered Oct 7, 2016 by moscl
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