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Will global warming deniers or warmers talk about Mathew more?

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Are global warming advocates (I don't like that term, I'm sure not rooting for warming) or global warming deniers going to talk about hurricane Mathew more?
Update: Mike Member Since: February 14, 2013 "Is NBC's Allen correct that the Paris Agreement is designed to stop hurricanes like Matthew? "

Mike Member Since: February 14, 2013 "Are global warmers going to blame global warming for Hurricane Matthew, even though it is the first major hurricane to hit the US in 11 year?"

So far, deniers 2, warmers 0. Speaking of "the same crap".
Update 2: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20161007144010AA5Dla7
ike Member Since: February 14, 2013
"Is Joe Romm correct in declaring that Hurricane Matthew is super strong because of global warming?"

Big One 0909 Member Since: May 29, 2008
"Did you know that Global Warming causeed hurricane Matthew? Did you know that the word Gullible is Not in the dictionary? "
Update 3: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20161006111111AAmWAvA
Sagebrush Member Since: December 06, 2011
"Will the politicians really promise us that if we all sign the Paris Climate Accord and comply that we won't have anymore hurricanes? "
"What?? NBC’s Ron Allen Thinks Climate Deal Is ‘Designed to Stop’ Storms Like Hurricane Matthew"
Update 4: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20161007071043AAaE7I7
HOBSON BEAR Member Since: January 29, 2007
"Is mathew a bibical storm? " <== not sure about this one.

"Why do Regressive's think that a UN Climate Deal is 'Designed to Stop' Hurricanes? "

"Is hurricane Matthew coming to New York? Should we be worry and stuff getting ready?"
asked Oct 7, 2016 in Environment by smyadmin

1 Answer

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I think it's very natural for people to see a relatively unusual event and wonder if it is part of some kind of "new normal" / larger trend. It is human nature to crave an explanation and understand the world around us. Most of the examples of people attributing hurricanes to global warming therefore seem to not be spoken by scientists but by people who just don't know that much about the topic.

As we evacuated from the path of Matthew today, a family member asked me if it was caused by global warming. I said "No, hurricanes can always happen." I don't think that really convinced her, but at least it didn't reinforce the idea. And I am not sure I would consider her a "warmer" or a "denier". Discussing the topic on this site for so long with people who are interested in it, we sometimes have to remind ourselves that many people find it boring and do not have a very strong opinion either way.
answered Oct 7, 2016 by moscl
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