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Buy or Sell: The DOC could have been the greatest rapper of all time if he didn't lose his voice?

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He had a great debut album in 'No One Can Do It Better' and he helped write for Eazy and Dre.

BQ: Rate 'No One Can Do It Better' from 1-10.
asked Oct 7, 2016 in Entertainment and Music by smyadmin

1 Answer

0 votes
IMO...Buy. (No One Can Do It Better)... He Was Working With Some Of The Best To Do It, From Fila Fresh Crew To NWA. IDK If You've Heard Or If Its Just A Rumor That The DOC is Working On An Album.

BQ - If You Ask Me, Thats The First Thing You Would Probably See In His Resume is , "No One Can Do It Better". That Debut Album Also Reach Top 20 On The Billboard Chart. And It Was His Only "SOLO" Album, So Just Imagine That, Great MC. And It Went To The Top And Been A GOAT Album In My Books.It Gets A 9/10.
answered Oct 7, 2016 by moscl
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