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Should I have been suspended for a fight after school hours an not on campus?

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I was in a fight on September 23 there was football game that night at 7pm after school hours but at my school after the game was over me an my friends walk to 7/11 around 9:40pm I & 3 other girls fought 3 girls from a different school after the fight me an my friends walked home and the other girls left. The girls we fought didn t go to our school. Monday morning me an my friends were suspended for 5 days kicked off all ours sports an not aloud to go to any football games for the rest of the year an we can not go to homecoming. While the girls from the other school did not get in any trouble they didn t get suspend or anything. Was it right for our school to give us the punishment we received if there is any website that proves that we shouldn t have been suspended can u leave the link or anything. Could they have suspended me for being after school hours an not on school campus ?
asked Sep 29, 2016 in Education and Reference by smyadmin
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