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Why do liberals hate everything good?

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Capitalism has lifted millions from poverty & created an overabundance of wealth & resources, but libtards hate it.

Christianity has civilized man from beastly pagan tribalism & evils you couldn't even imagine existed.

America has led the world in freedom, prosperity & equality.

GMOs have made it so we couldn't possibly run out of food.

Western civilization is the very pinnacle of humanity.

The European race has innovated the institutions that made it all possible.

Heterosexual monogamous marriage in a nuclear family is the cornerstone of civilization.

Yet libs hate them all.

Meanwhile, communism has resulted in the mass genocide of over 250 million people in only half a century, that's more than all war casualties in history combined.

The driving ideology behind collectivism is secularism (atheism, satanism & paganism), which is why commie dictators were able to kill without conscience.

Libs hate America but love globalism, all the most evil powerful people coming together & ruling the whole world, giving us no place to escape from their tyranny.

Liberals want to regress back to 1800s agriculture, so everybody starves to death.

Libs think all lesser cultures are better than the west. I guess slavery, genocide, poverty & oppression is superior.

Liberals love sexual perversion for some reason, I guess it's their way of lashing out at God. But perversion is only cute in a fantasy, it doesn't work in reality because it destroys sanity, that's why we have porn.
asked Sep 29, 2016 in Dining Out by smyadmin

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