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I want to swap my 1966 mustangs 200 I6. I have 3 engines to choose from but I can t find reliable research to help me pick which one?

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I have 3 engines I have a 289 out of a ford falcon or at least that s what the seller told me a rebuilt 302 and I have a 4.6L v8 1996 mustang that I used to drive until I got my 2012 mustang. This is the first time I ve done anything like this so please explain things not just acronyms. I want to know which one is best to put in the 1966 I don t really care about price since she s going to be a couple years long project I just don t want 2 motors and a full car sitting in the garage for that long. I know they have alot of add ons I can do and the 302 is much more popular from what I read. The 4.6L has a better base hp but I would have to do the wiring and the electronic fuel injection set up along with the ecu stuff that I m not really fond with. And the 289 I m probably not going to touch and just sell off. Which would give me more bang for my buck? I mean I want to be able to enjoy my drive but if I wanted to punch it I could what would be better? I bought a kit from cj pony parts and I m just deciding on what mounts the 302 or the 4.6/5.0
asked Jul 25, 2016 in Cars and Transportation by smyadmin
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