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Is drinking water in a bar for free bad etiquette ? Let me give you the full scenario: I went to the mall had chinese food with full belly.?

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After eating lunch, I decided to go to the nearby bar to grab a glass of "water" with my friend at the bar. This was in Wednesday afternoon and TGI Friday bar was completely empty. She said raised her eyebrow in shock and said - How dare I decide to use the restaurant bar to drink free water ?

Her argument: Restaurant should NOT be used for free. It is not a public place. It takes a lot of money for restaurant to clean the glasses, make ice and serve water etc. It is such shame you use it for free water. You are disgusting.

My argument: I never been to the TGI Friday's at mall at all, let alone use the restaurant with the intention of using free water. If my friend wasn't there, I would not have gone at all.

Will the restaurant owner think of such people as ? 1.) Total waste of restaurant resources or- 2.) Potential customers -or 3.) Professional courtesey or- 4.) More heads in the empty restaurant at the empty bar. 5.) Finally, I like to think that restaurant wouldn't care or bother much about it.

So, who is right or wrong here and why ? Please state your honest opinion.
asked Sep 28, 2016 in Dining Out by smyadmin
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