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Should I wait to get a waterproof/resistant phone?

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I was wondering if I should wait ayear or so first.

1. Im on a budget and cant afford to dish out 400+ on a phone. And all water proof/resistant phones under 400$ are either too big or heavy. I have nerve damage in my hands neck and arms. Been dropping my Lg Stylo alot lately. Usually in house away from sinks etc.. Lol.

2. Specs. I can afford a Samsung S5 unlocked but it only has 16gb memory. Yest it has a microsd slot. But thats for music, movies pictures etc.. Not apps minus a few. But the ones with 32gb of memory are too big or heavy. Moto g4 with suffer for gaming and streaming online movies tv through apps etc...

3. I only ever get my phone wet when its raining as Im out side alot. Never had a phone submerged in water. Im really carefull with my electronics.

4. I am fine with a phone thats 5.5" as long as its light. The upcoming Asus Zenfone 3 is light. Expected to be 250$ for 3gb ram and 3wgb memory. Much lighter than LG Stylo. 2ghz octacor(ithink) and really good battery. Awesome Screen. And physical(not really) buttons UNDER screen. Dont like on screen buttons.

What do you all think.
asked Sep 27, 2016 in Consumer Electronics by smyadmin
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