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Should I change my car's engine oil? I use my car only on Sundays and drive less than 20 miles a week. Drove less than 1,000 in over a year.?

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Should I change my car's engine oil? I use my car only on Sundays and drive less than 20 miles a week. Now its over a year and the oil looks so good with original viscosity/colour still maintained. In addition, it drove far less than 1,000 miles. Do I need to change it? With the colour and viscosity still ok, has it undergone any chemical change (with time) that can affect the car's engine?
asked Jul 25, 2016 in Cars and Transportation by smyadmin

1 Answer

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1) if the car is still under warranty, you must be able to prove that you have followed all required maintenance in the event of a warranty claim.

2) are you using conventional, semi-synthetic or full-synthetic oil? No reason to change synthetic IF when you do drive it, you drive long enough to fully warm-up the engine and oil to burn-out contaminents.

I'm in exactly the same situation: have a car that's never been driven more than 5000 miles a year, and now we're down to less than 1000. It goes to the dealer once a year for a check-up.....it's a Ford and original requirement was for semi-synthetic oil. In chatting with the Service Manager, he suggested switching to full synthetic and changing every-other year. Again - contaminants build-up with short trips if the engine is never warmed-up fully - so when we do take it out we make sure to drive minimum 5 miles.

You must follow some services on a time, rather than mileage basis. For example, follow the manufacturer recommended interval for flushing the cooling system and replacing coolant: rust and corrosion inhibitors must be renewed, especially in newer cars with a lot of aluminum components.

Hope you are putting gas stabilizer in your fuel - and a good idea to keep the tank well filled: less air space means less condensation.
answered Jul 25, 2016 by moscl
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