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What can you buy to record your voice on ?

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At one point, most people had a tape recorder . When I was a kid, my parents asked me to read a few pages from a book . After a few minutes, they played the tape back and let me listen to my own voice . Once I got older, my mom volunteered to record the textbooks for the kids at my school who couldn't read very well . My friend Carl has dyslexia, and he can't read very well, so wants me to record the writings of Carl Jung on CD for him . Can you record something on a CD like you could on a cassette tape when I was a kid ? Can you buy a machine for recording your voice on CD, or is a device like that strictly property of a professional recording studio ? Is Carl barking up the wrong tree ? What else can you buy to record your voice on ? What can you buy to record your voice on a CD ? Thank you in advance for your answers .
asked Sep 25, 2016 in Computers and Internet by smyadmin

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