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I want to purchase a car and drive it without a license or insurance, what are the odds of getting caught?

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I'm 16 turning 17, and I've got my permit, but not my license yet and there's alot of crazy family drama and moving going on so I'm desperate to be able to drive a car around, it would make things so much less stressful and hard for me and take a big portion of my worries out of the way.

I live in the suburbs, particularly in Illinois, and I see cop cars out quite a bit, if I drove past one with a stolen or used license plate from someone else or no plate at all or a dealership plate what would happen? And would my car get towed if I parked it on the street side and there's no plate that matches my vehicle? If a cop pulled up behind me would I be safe?

Also is it possible for me to get insurance for the car under 18 without a license by myself with no co sign? And the guy I'm purchasing my car from said he could issue me a temporary license plate.
asked Jul 25, 2016 in Cars and Transportation by smyadmin
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