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What does it mean if your boss is going to write you an email and require you to respond to it at all costs?

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My boss cryptically told me the other day that I can expect to receive an email from him this week that I "need" to respond to, but didn't say what it was about. After inquiring about it and essentially saying it's weird to not have any context at all, he told me it was about a very specific things I did last week. It wasn't a terrible mistake, but it was a mistake. I owned up to it on the phone without hesitation and even though I expressed a strong interest in resolving it over the phone so we can have open communication (he's remote), he was still insistent about email. He mentioned his interest in documentation and allowing my time to think through a response thoughtfully.

This is all very, very odd to me. What could this email possibly be about that it needs to be in writing? He sure is insistent about it being in writing.

Also, can I just not respond? I'm starting to get concerned of his motivations - like if he's looking to create a paper trail or something
asked Sep 21, 2016 in Business and Finance by smyadmin

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