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How can i buy Girl things as a Guy?

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So i am male and underage, I cannot order things...

Yet i really want things like pantyhose or stockings or whatever they are called for warmth, planning on hiding them, but i'd really, really find such things useful...

I am interested in a way to buy any one or hopefully all of these:
-Long socks (maybe above knee) / or the actual pants-like ones that cover above your hip from your feet
-some comfortable shoes that apparently only ones for women are...
-just some sweaters or similar clothing that is cute, warm and comfy.. aka... ones for girls

I like adorable, soft, and warm things, i cannot help it :p
Any ideas? Thank you!
asked Sep 20, 2016 in Beauty and Style by smyadmin

1 Answer

0 votes
just go into the store and buy them, being underage shouldn't prohibit you from buying clothing. if anyone asks just tell them your buying them for someone else, like a girlfriend
answered Sep 20, 2016 by moscl

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