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Why do people still read books (especially fiction) when there are super advanced CGI movies, anime, video games, etc?

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I spent the entire 6 years of my middle + high school years without reading a single fiction book that I wasn't assigned to read.

Graduated school with 90+ average in all maths and sciences (except Bio); fluent with 8 different web, industrial programming languages; and got into one of the best schools in the country with two thousand dollar scholarship.

Yea, I've never read harry potter or whatever other book, and I still kicked more *** in school than your so called "bookworm".
Update: 90% in English, you really don't need to know that many vocabularies. You just need to know how to write an essay (which is like super easy), and how to read and write.
asked Sep 20, 2016 in Arts and Humanities by smyadmin

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