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Was the tarot card reader wrong or right?

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I went to a tarot card reader and she read out cards of the guy i was interested in.
It said:
He played rugby, he was close with his gran, there is a long term thing between us. (some other stuff which identify him)

However it also read out a guy I am currently seeing (same guy) is a player and has a girlfriend
I suspected him of still talking to his ex which he deny

However we got on really well and he endlessy told me how much he liked me, I saw a future with him but due to my instint of thinking he had a ex around and this i cut him off

he was upset asking what he did and i said i know u still speak with an ex

Now im all confused if i did the right thing cause she said it was a long term thing between us and i could see that

he also said a comment to me "when we are 40 i will still do blah with u"
Update: so i feel he wanted me to be his girlfriend.

I dont know im all confused and me and his mother are born on the same day
asked Oct 11, 2016 in Games and Recreation by smyadmin (56,400 points)

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